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Our Mission

The Tiny Miracles Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping families with premature infants in and around Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Sarah, one week old

We know from personal experience that the premature birth of a child can be a shocking, isolating and frightening experience for many families. Although area hospitals are able to meet most premature infants' medical needs, the emotional and other needs of the family during this fragile time often go largely unsupported. The Tiny Miracles Foundation seeks to fill this void by providing support, information, services and supplies to the families of premature infants regardless of race, religion or national origin, during and immediately following their hospital stay.

Through our programs, The Tiny Miracles Foundation strives to promote the best possible care for children born too early and those who love and care for them.

Who We Are

The Tiny Miracles Foundation is made up of parents of preemies from Fairfield County, Connecticut. We came together because we all knew what it was like to fall through the looking-glass and land in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Parker holding Mackenzie

In that new world of the NICU, we learned a new language: sats, surfactant, IVH, ROP, CPAP, brady, and kangaroo care. We sat in front of isolettes and peered in at our babies, willing them to breathe and wondering how we were going to bond with them.

We became accustomed to the steady, shrill drumbeat of beeps, bells and alarms. We learned that 30 CCs is roughly equal to a fluid ounce, that 28 grams is roughly equal to an ounce, and we measured our babies' progress in those tiny increments. We slipped wedding bands over impossibly tiny wrists. We took pictures of our children next to beanie babies, hoping they wouldn't look too small. We struggled with feelings of guilt, and anger, and jealousy. We washed our hands until they chapped, and then we washed them some more. When we were finally able to take our babies home, we felt joy and terror. We celebrated every milestone, no matter how minor, and we learned to not compare their progress to full-term babies.

But most of all, we never stopped being thankful for our tiny miracles, and for the doctors and nurses who make miracles possible.

We've been there. And now we want to be there for you.

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Our Staff

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The Tiny Miracles Foundation Board

TTMF Board 2015-16

The Tiny Miracles Foundation 2015-16 Board of Directors

Honorary Board Members

Board Members Emeriti

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Advisory Board

  • Julie Brown, RNC
    Nurse Manager, Newborn Intenstive Care Unit
    Bridgeport Hospital
  • Susan Chudwick, CFRE
    Director of Development
    Bridgeport Hospital Foundation
  • Mary Alice Cullen, MSN, RN-C
    Director of Womens Patient Care Services
    Western Connecticut Health Network/Danbury Hospital
  • James Fritzell, MD
    Director, Neonatology
    Western Connecticut Health Network/Danbury Hospital
  • Robert Herzlinger, MD
    Director, Neonatology
    Bridgeport Hospital
  • Jill Immermann, RN, MSN
    Patient Care Manager, NICU & Pediatrics
    Norwalk Hospital
  • Stephen M. Jakab, CFRE
    Bridgeport Hospital Foundation
  • Grace M. Linhard
    Chief Philanthropy Officer
    Western Connecticut Health Network and Norwalk Health Foundation
  • Kathy Livolsi, RNC, MHA
    Director, Maternal-Child Health
    Stamford Hospital
  • Cheryl Menzies, MD
    Associate Director, Neonatology
    Bridgeport Hospital
  • Gerald B. Rakos, MD
    Chair, Department of Pediatrics
    Stamford Hospital
  • Christopher J. Riendeau
    Senior Vice President, Fund Development
    Stamford Hospital
  • Meltem Seli, MD
    Director, Neonatology, Norwalk Hospital
    Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Vicki K. Smetak, MD
    Chair, Department of Pediatrics
    Norwalk Hospital
  • Francine S. White, RN, CCM
    Nurse Case Manager, Case Management Department
    Norwalk Hospital


The Tiny Miracles Foundation

381 Post Road, 2nd Floor Darien, CT 06820
phone (203) 202-9714 ttmf.org info@ttmf.org

The Tiny Miracles Foundation is a not-for-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).
Our mission is to help families of infants born prematurely in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

The Tiny Miracles Foundation, Inc. (“TTMF”) is a volunteer-based organization that provides emotional support, practical assistance, supplies and information to parents of children born prematurely. TTMF does not provide medical advice or services. The contents of www.ttmf.org, our online community, our brochure, and/or other TTMF materials, services and offerings are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended, and should not be used, to replace the advice of healthcare professionals. All medical care, treatment, services, questions and decisions should be discussed thoroughly with your personal physician(s).