Alexandra's Mitzvah for TTMF

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hi! I’m Alexandra Blitzer and I’m raising money for the Tiny Miracles Foundation as my mitzvah project. When a person becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, they complete a mitzvah or good deed. I chose to raise money for the Tiny Miracles Foundation because I myself was born very prematurely at 29 weeks, weighing only 2lbs 11 oz. Even though I might not remember it, I know first hand what a struggle those babies are going through, trying to get through every minute, hour and day. It is a battle not only for these preemies but for their family and friends as well. It is my hope that by helping these babies, they will become as successful as I am today.

Part of my project is to create holiday gift bags for families with infants in the NICU. My hope is that these gifts will brighten these families' days and bring them some holiday cheer. I have 2 stuffed pigs each affectionately named  “Piggy” and “Micro Piggy.” They were purchased for me when I was born. Piggy was much too big for my incubater, so, Micro Piggy (who was about as big — or really as “small” — as me) was acquired in addition. Micro Piggy was small enough that the doctors allowed him to live with me in my incubator. He had a hospital band around his neck to match the ones around my tiny wrist and ankle. Both piggies are very important to me. (I still have them and I sleep with them every night! They even come to sleepaway camp with me in Maine for seven weeks every summer!) So I decided I wanted to buy Micro Piggies for all of the premature babies to go in the gift bags as part of their holiday celebration. Any additional money that I raise will go to help the preemie babies and their families through The Tiny Miracles Foundation (TTMF).

Alexandra, born at 29 weeks.

Alexandra, born at 29 weeks, 2lbs 11 oz.

The Tiny Miracles Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer organization that provides emotional support and resource information to parents of children born prematurely. My parents wish there was an organization like this to help them when I was born. I am also helping at a Tiny Miracles benefit and writing up my story for their website. Be sure to check out their Miracle Stories… soon my story will be there as well. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you at my bat mitzvah!

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