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My Brother is a Preemie: A Children's Guide to the NICU Experience

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by Joseph Vitterito (author) & Abe Chuzzlewit (illustrator)
30 pages, Bryson Taylor Publishing, 2012

This short book, best read together with your child, helps introduce the NICU to your preemie's older siblings and foster discussion about the flurry of emotions that he or she may be experiencing.

See also "My Sister is a Preemie."

Waiting for Baby Joe

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by Pat Lowery Collins & Joan Whinham Dunn
40 pages, Albert Whitman & Company, 1990

Photographs illustrate this story of the reaction and adjustment of an older sister to new baby brother, who was born premature. The writing is simple and clear, appropriate for a young child while conveying the underlying emotions well. For children ages 4-8.

Watching Bradley Grow: A Story About Premature Birth

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by Elizabeth Murphy-Melas & Diane Tate
43 pages, Longstreet Press, 1996

For parents of preemies to share with their older children (ages 4-8). This big sister learns to cope with her brother's premature birth.

No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear

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By Valerie Pankow
$6.95; 32 pages; Family Books, 2004

This well-written book describes the NICU experience as seen through the eyes of a new big brother, Dustin. It could also make a nice story for older preemies, when you are explaining their NICU experience to them. For children ages 4-8.

Rosie and Tortoise

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by Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks
32 pages; DK Publishing, 2000

A book for children ages 4-8 which tells the story of Rosie the hare. Rosie's brother Bobby is born early, the "smallest, weakest little hare ever," and Rosie is afraid for him. This fear keeps her away from the baby until she confides the truth to her dad. He helps Rosie overcome her worries by telling her a story about a tortoise who was slow and steady, just like Bobby's growth. Great for any new big brother or sister of a premature baby.

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