Volunteer Opportunities

Download our Volunteer PacketWe welcome your participation in helping our cause. To become a Tiny Miracles volunteer, please download and review our volunteer packet, or go here to join our mailing list and indicate that you are interested in becoming a TTMF volunteer.

Download our Volunteer Packet here (PDF, requires Adobe® Reader®).

Thank you for all the phone calls, emails and visits we received in the hospital. While we never thought we’d have a preemie, we feel fortunate to have met an organization like Tiny Miracles.

— Karen, mother of a 28-week daughter

Community Volunteer Opportunities

The Tiny Miracles Foundation welcomes volunteer assistance from community organizations — in fact we rely on it! Community groups and other volunteers may participate in TTMF-organized projects or may organize their own with our assistance. Many projects are even ideal for involving kids in community service. We have enjoyed working with scout troops, high school civic clubs, mother’s groups, nursery school groups and other community organizations. Below is a list of many exciting and important projects we have slated for the upcoming year, in which your help could benefit literally hundreds of local premature babies and their families. If you are interested in participating in, organizing or learning more about these projects, please contact Jennifer Johnson by filling out this form or by calling 203-202-9714. Thank you for your assistance!

  • Blankets for Preemies "Blank-a-thons"

    TTMF and many generous community volunteers collaborate to make over 800 fleece isolette cover blankets to distribute each year to shield fragile premature babies’ developing nervous systems from excess light and noise in the NICU and help regulate their sleep patterns. We provide the pre-cut fleece, and volunteers of all ages provide the hands-on no-sew blanket-making at various “Blank-A-Thons” throughout the year. These precious blankets are beautiful and practical keepsakes for preemie families during their times of crisis.

    Visit our Facebook page to see photos from our 2013 Blankets for Preemies event with Middlesex Middle School in Darien, CT…

    See photos from our 2010 Blankets for Preemies event with Middlesex Middle School in Darien, CT…

  • Calling All Student Volunteers!

    We were excited to meet you at the Darien High School Volunteer Fair! The Tiny Miracles Foundation can always use extra hands to help support families of premature babies in Fairfield County. If you want to help us, we have plenty of opportunities for volunteering within our organization. If and when, you would like to devote some volunteer hours to TTMF, just give us a call at 203-202-9714 and our volunteer coordinator Jennifer Johnson can help you get started! All volunteer hours will be documented by a letter from our office!!

    Click here to learn more about our Student Volunteer Opportunities!

  • Children's Corner Activity Bags

    Volunteers can create small gift bags of activities and supplies to help entertain and occupy visiting siblings who use our Family Resources Room during long family NICU visits.

  • Event Publicity & Assistance

    We can always use extra hands with our annual fundraising events: stuffing invitations, hanging posters, distributing flyers, stuffing goody bags, and staffing events. We usually sponsor a spring Gala, a fall event and additional smaller special events throughout the year.

  • General Education & Support

    Of course, we invite all individuals, organizations and their members to spread the word about The Tiny Miracles Foundation and how we help families with premature babies. We also welcome you to promote and attend our small and large fundraisers and other events!

  • Preemie Diaper and Clothing Drives

    Since over 40% of the families we help are low-income or severely disadvantaged, they benefit tremendously from donated preemie diapers and clothing. A great way for community volunteers and civic groups to help local families with premature babies is to organize Preemie Diaper and Clothing Drives.

  • Tiny Treasures Welcome and Homecare Supply Packing

    We assembled 1,500 Welcome and Homecare Supply Packages for distribution to families who have premature babies throughout the year. Please contact TTMF for information about future Tiny Treasures packing dates and locations.

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